Global reach
For CBS, offering truly global reach means more than establishing a presence — we have localized expertise you need to conduct trials of all sizes and complexity worldwide. Whether it’s scaling up your staff to accommodate a global undertaking, enhancing patient recruitment in targeted areas, providing region-specific regulatory expertise or anything else, the solutions we offer are never compromised for lack of local understanding. All CBS employees are fluent in English and are equipped with powerful communication and collaboration tools that work in real time, which means your trial can advance regardless of time zone and language barriers.

Strategic Alliances with Industry Leaders


CBS is a full-service data centric CRO; however, we partner with subcontractors and vendors on an as-needed basis to deliver full CRO solutions in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


CBS has established strategic alliances with the best in the industry. With every alliance we forge, we put the infrastructure in place to make the work happen effectively and efficiently as possible to deliver what’s best for your budget, timelines and outcomes.